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Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, when you sign the contract and book your room you will be asked to pay the price of 2 weeks’ room rental as a deposit. This is less VAT and will be returned to you after the unit has been vacated, subject to a room check.

What do I pay when I make a booking?

When you book your room you will be asked to pay the first months rental in advance and the 2 weeks’ deposit. We will then invoice you every calendar month.

Do you charge access fees?

No, you can access your room at no charge, 7 days a week during our opening hours.

What do I need to do when I want to move out?

Just contact us in writing giving 7 days’ notice of your intention to move out. After a room check we will refund your deposit and any money paid in advance for the remainder of the month.

How much does storage cost?

We have individual prices for each room due to specific room measurements, room heights etc. so please contact us for an accurate price.

Do I have to take out your insurance or can I use my own insurance?

You can choose to cover your items with any company of your choice but may find our insurance policy an easy cost effective solution, offering you peace of mind for your belongings whilst in storage.

How much is insurance?

The insurance premium is based on the true value of the goods and our rates are charged weekly, so you only pay for the time your items are in store. For further details please see our insurance page. Click Here!

Is insurance compulsory?

No, we do not insist that you take out insurance but we would recommend that you cover your items if they are of high value, sentimental or irreplaceable which will give you peace of mind for your belongings whilst in storage.

What identity documents do I need to bring for verification?

When you come in to book your room please bring a valid form of photographic identification with you such as a UK passport or driving licence. You will also need to bring in proof of address, such as a recent utility bill. Please note that Mobile Phone Bills can not be accepted as proof of address

What items can’t I store in the room?

We do not allow flammable items such as gas bottles, varnishes, paints or jewellery and personal documents such as watches, jewellery, money etc. For a full list of prohibited items and what we can accept please view this list. Click Here!

How can I pay for my room?

You can pay by cash, cheque, debit card (Visa Delta) or credit cards. Payments by credit card/charge cards (Visa, Mastercard, Amex) will only incur a 2.5% surcharge if it is a business registered credit card. 4 Weekly/Monthly payments can be made by standing order just ask the office for bank details. Contact us to make a payment.

Where can I buy boxes and packaging equipment?

You can purchase packaging supplies via our online shop or at the Self-Storage centre. View the online shop for prices.

Do I need a padlock?

Yes, we would recommend that you secure your room with a suitable padlock. If you do not have your own these are available for purchase at our office or via the online shop. Click Here!

Are you able to collect my items from my house to bring into my self-storage room?

Yes, we can provide a man and van service to transport your items for you if you are unable to transport them yourself. Please contact us to discuss in more details and for pricing information.