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How to make your Self-Storage space work for you

When you are confronted with an empty room it can seem a daunting prospect to pack it efficiently. If you don’t pack it correctly then you could find that you easily run out of space and need a larger room.

If you take the time to make a plan in advance then you can save yourself time and effort on the day. Why not sketch out a drawing to work out where you will place items within the room, with the items that you would use more frequently being stored at the front of the unit where you can easily access them.

Think about how you will stack the items and stack vertical from the floor to the ceiling with the heaviest things on the bottom to the lightest on top to make use of all the available space.

Start by using good quality storage boxes and don’t overfill them so that they don’t collapse or tip over when stacked. Put your heavier items into smaller boxes for ease of lifting and stacking. Any items that can’t be packed away in a box can be covered in paper blankets or transit blankets. Cover mattresses and furniture with covers or bags to protect them from dust.  Avoid placing any heavy items on top of soft furniture such as mattresses and sofas.

Wrap all glass and china in packing paper or bubble wrap when packing them into boxes. Label all your boxes clearly in particular, those that are fragile. Items such as mirrors and pictures can be wrapped and stored on their side in a large box marked fragile.  Make sure you clean all garden equipment, bikes, tools of dirt before storing them. Garden tools could be easily kept together in a large empty dustbin or container. Any equipment that runs on petrol or paraffin such as garden mowers or heaters should be emptied before storing.

To allow air to circulate inside white goods make sure you wedge the doors of the appliances open slightly to avoid any damp. You could also use a silica gel pack inside the appliance to help with remove any moisture within the appliance. If you do make sure you close the door of the appliance to contain the air inside.  To make the most of your space within the storage room you could stack chairs seat-to-seat and remove any table legs that are protruding if possible.

If you are unsure what you can store why not take a look at our list of items which aren’t allowed in to the self-storage rooms.

It is a good idea to make an inventory (written list) of all the items that you have stored and where they are located within the room to allow you to easily locate any items you need to get to whilst your belongings are in storage.

Finally, don’t forget to get a padlock  to secure your room and you are all set!

For your convenience make sure you choose a self-storage room that is close to your home; if you live in Bicester there is no point choosing a self-storage room based on a cheap price if it is 30 miles away as it won’t be easy for you to access and you won’t get the best out of it.

Our self-storage centre is located in Weston on the Green, only 4 miles from Bicester and serve customers predominantly within Bicester and from the surrounding towns and villages of Kirtlington, Upper Heyford, Kidlington, Chesterton, Islip, Ambrosden, Arncott, Launton and Middleton Stoney.

For any questions regarding storage please feel free to get in touch.