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Why do people use storage?

With all the self-storage facilities popping up over the country have you ever wondered what people store there? We lift the lid on the common reasons that people use self-storage at certain points in their life such as getting married, moving home or simply running out of space at home.

Taking the stress out of moving

There are many reasons why people move home and often using storage for belongings offers a temporary solution to the different moving problems.

If you have to move to a smaller property either through choice or because your circumstances mean that you are forced to because of health or financial reasons it may be at short notice. To avoid making hasty decisions on what to take with you or dispose of a storage unit provides you with time to be able to go through items at your leisure.

Clearing a home for sale

Estate agents will tell you that a property sells quicker when it has been de-cluttered and to achieve this you will need to clear a lot of your belongings so that potential buyers can see the property at its best. A small storage can provide you with space to store bulky items until the sales process has been agreed.

Time between properties

There isn’t always a smooth transition from selling a home to moving into a new one and there can be time in-between homes where you may need to store your things whilst you stay with friends or family. This often occurs when moving into a new-build property and the build may be delayed for a few weeks or months.

Moving in with a new partner

Moving into a new partner’s house is a happy time but it also brings problems if they have a small property and there is no space to put all your belongings or you have duplicate items. When you move into a partner’s house hiring a storage room can help to ease the transitional period and allow you to sort through and sell items.

Travelling and working abroad

For students going on a gap year or even leaving halls during the summer break they are left with the dilemma of what to do with their books and belongings whilst they are away. A small self-storage room can be the perfect solution if you don’t have a permanent home to leave your items and your parents don’t have the space to keep your things.

This is also particularly useful for anyone working abroad or in the military with no permanent residence. Once you have settled in a home the storage is no longer required.


The holy grail of any home is to make the most of the space you have by de-cluttering unnecessary furniture and belongings to give the illusion of more space. Celebrities such as Marie Kondo have made it fashionable to organise your home but some people find it hard to throw away sentimental items, so a storage facility can work well to give you time to do through the tidying process.

House renovation/extension

You might not be moving home but you may have plans to do house improvements or build an extension to your home which means that you need to clear your furniture to allow you or your contractors easier access to do the work. Temporary storage can simplify the process and allow the work to take place freely.

Storing a loved one’s possessions

When a loved-one passes away sorting through their belongings is not the priority however often properties need to be cleared quickly to enable it to be sold or rented quickly. Putting items into storage can give you some time to reflect and come to terms with the loss before tackling the difficult task of disposing or sharing out the items with family members.

For business stock

Generally, most home businesses when starting off will be run from a spare room, a kitchen, conservatory or even a garden room so lack of space can become an issue. Depending on the type of the business there could be stock that needs to be stored whilst it is waiting to be despatched, or filing, archiving or order processing documents that need extra space. Garages and sheds are often used for storage but trying to share a garage with the usual bicycles, tools and general household items can prove difficult. It could be helpful to consider external secure storage at a self-storage facility to help to de-clutter the home from any non-essential paperwork and stock.

At H2H we offer self-storage facilities of all sizes to accommodate any challenges that life may throw at you, why not give us a call and we can help you to choose the most suitable size for your requirements.